Show Tracker API

You know when you have a thousand TV shows you want to watch but when you actually sit down to watch something, you can't think of anything you'd possibly want to see? You know when you take a break from watching a show and come back to it, and can't remember where you left off? You know when you want to watch an old favorite show for nostalgia's sake, but your mind is blank? If you have those problems, look no further! The Show Tracker API was created as a way for you to keep track of TV shows you want to watch, are watching, or have already watched. Think of it as Goodreads, but for TV shows. Goodshows, if you will.

This API implements REST principles, which allows you to create, read, update, and delete items in your database via AJAX. The four HTTP methods used are:

  • GET

    • A GET request allows you retrieve data from your database. You are able to retrieve either one entry, or your entire list of items. Your database entries will be listed in JSON format.
  • POST

    • A POST request allows you to create a new entry in your database.
  • PUT

    • A PUT request allows you to update an entry in your database.

    • A DELETE request allows you to delete an entry in your database.

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